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The History of the Maxspect Gyre

The History of the Maxspect Gyre

There is a reason Maxspect are the no 1 choice for Gyre Flow pumps. The patented technology is 9 years in development, currently on its 3rd generation of pump with more to come. During this time there have been many advances in the design and technology here is a brief history of the Maxspect Gyre.


2011 Gyre vision into concept development and testing over the next three years.

2014 The Gyre 100 series first generation is launched to market with the XF150 being the first Gyre with one pump per controller and multiple flow features such as pulsing flow and alternating Gyre flow.

2015 The XF130 is released with a newly designed suspension mount to reduce vibration this is also produced for the XF150 and offered to existing customers as a free upgrade. The new XF150 being produced with the new mount as a standard feature.

2016 The Gyre 200 series is released 3 models XF230, XF250 replacing the XF130,150 and a new larger model XF280 capable of moving 22,000LPH. New features include improved rotor system, cage guards and a new controller capable of running two pumps this is also compatible with the ICV6 controller for app control to be available at a later date.

2017 The Gyre App is launched Gyre 200 series pumps can now be programmed wirelessly via the Syna-G app combined with the ICV6 controller on apple and android devices.

2018 Gyre 300 series is released with Sine Wave motor technology in two models the XF330 up to 9500 LPH and the XF350 up to 20,000 LPH. Sine Wave technology enables the gyre to be near silent in comparison to its predecessors. Noise levels was something that was a sticking point with some customers who wanted to use a gyre but were put of by how audible the pumps were this new pump changed this #GameChanger. The new 300 series also feature’s another new development flow director’s, these fit directly onto the cages and allow the user to pinpoint flow with far greater accuracy than a standard Gyre they also shield the gyre cages from aquarium light meaning there will be less algae growth within the pump itself and therefore less cleaning. The 300 series motor was totally redesigned for simple maintenance the whole shaft can be removed in one piece for easy cleaning and everything on the pump is colour coded for easy reassembly. The Gyre mobile app is updated with more features to coincide with the 300 series launch.

2019 Maxspect receive confirmation of patents from the US, Europe, UK and other countries around the world any Gyre that is not either a Maxspect or Maxspect licenced product will now infringe this patent in any country that the patent is present.

2020 and beyond More to come from the Gyre range watch this space…