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Welcome to BCUK Aquatics

Welcome to BCUK Aquatics, manufacturers and suppliers of the finest quality frozen fish food and dried tropical and marine foods. Our emphasis is on delivering high-quality products at the best prices possible. With this in mind all of our aquarium supplies and accessories are carefully quality checked and packed by our own team before being dispatched to you. As well as this commitment to quality and value, we are constantly looking to improve and innovate and in doing so, deliver cutting edge products to our stockists.

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BCUK ONLY SUPPLY THE TRADE. if you wish to purchase our products please contact us for your nearest stockist. Find a Stockist ยป

Our Brands in Brief:

These products are frozen at source and are gamma irradiated to ensure that you are supplying your customers with a high quality pathogen free food stock. As with all of our products, they are rigorously quality checked and delivered straight to you, the stockist.

Our SLC are the best quality Brine Shrimp available. From Cysts to Brine shrimp and Garlic flakes, they are quickly packaged and frozen using liquid CO2 at temperatures of -65°C, to ensure that structure is retained. We are able to supply you with a complete range of this excellent, nutritious food source.

Our Mysis RS range provide you with the purest Mysis shrimp available. Harvested from freshwater glacier lakes in Canada and frozen within minutes of leaving the water, they are rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids. Mysis RS allow you to supply true premium products at very competitive pricing.

Our Calanus® products are of the finest quality. Designed for marine fish, they are frozen within minutes of harvest and are more nutritious than many live plankton — being rich in EPA, DHA and SDA fatty acids. Calanus are the “engine” of the eco-system in the Atlantic Ocean, they provide a complete blend of essential components required by fish and other sea life.

The First Bite™ range of products offer the modern aquarist the opportunity to make their own unique feed formulas. The ingredients within the First Bite range are suitable for feeding in aquarium or hatchery applications and products such as Artemia cysts and Phytoplankton are highly useful products for aquaculture or general aquarium use.

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  • Our strict standards ensure you're supplying quality
  • A diverse product range, designed to satisfy demand
  • New products in development all the time
  • A proven, international track record for reliability
  • Competitive pricing helps to keep your margins healthy
  • A friendly and helpful support team
  • Years of experience supplying a range of requirements,
         from small shops to large public aquariums